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Small Set: 1-10 poems

For a “small set” submission, I offer various in-depth feedback regarding content, stylistic concerns, line edits and directed questions. I also provide supplemental writing activities and recommended reading.

A “small set” submission is for folks who have a group of poems that may or may not be connected that is in need of exterior feedback and inspiration

Middle Set (Chapbook length): 12-30 poems

For a “middle set” submission, I combine the “small set” offerings while also looking at the collection as both a project that could stand on its own and a part of a larger collection. I focus on thematic issues, cohesion, connection, editing and places for growth.

A “middle set” submission is for individuals with a larger group of poems—usually linked—however, in need of feedback and direction.

Large Set (Full-length manuscript): 48-75 poems

For a "large set" submission, we will address any directed concerns. Then, I will focus on both micro and macro issues. At the "micro" level, I focus on issues addressed in "small set" submissions, such as content and line editing of individual poems. At the “macro” level, I focus on issues concerning momentum, order, themes, cohesion and connection of the overall text.

A "large set" submission is directed towards those with a full-length collection of work in need of re-visioning and/or direction for their work.


In conjunction to poetry services, I also offer essay editing services. For this service, I will need both the prompt (if available) and a complete draft of the work. Then, we will look at “micro” issues beginning with grammar, syntax, and paragraph content. Next, we will look at “macro” issues related to organization and overall content.

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